Moving Finance Forward

We consistently provide forward-thinking capital solutions that are personalized to meet the needs of every entity. The clients at Funding Forward know that we challenge traditional funding norms by identifying every available avenue - from tapping into public funding, to obtaining State and Federal tax credits, to coordinating with private capital sources - to ensure the funding solutions we provide for every client is built on a foundation of strategy, strength, and synergy.

Fundamental Pillars

  • Strategy

    We carefully analyze the ever-evolving financial marketplace and strategically identify untapped, unknown, or unconventional tax credit and funding opportunities.

  • Strength

    We maintain a team of seasoned funding experts who use their relationships and know-how to push even the most complex funding arrangements to the finish line.

  • Synergy

    We work alongside you — and collaborate closely with your financial and legal advisors — to unify everyone and guide the funding process along smoothly.

Working towards success, together

Funding Forward collaborates closely with our clients alongside their professional legal and financial advisors to navigate the process strategically, safely, and smoothly.

Forward-thinking leadership

  • D.S.

    David Schlesinger

  • J.G.

    Joel Goldberger

    General Manager
  • F.S.

    Fishel Schlesinger

  • J.S.

    Jay Srugo

  • A.M.

    Akiva May

    VP of Sales 718.674.1800 ext. 313
  • A.M.

    Ace Menzelefsky

    Director of Marketing
  • I.S.

    Isaac Schwartz

    Sales Representative 718.674.1800 ext. 303
  • M.L.

    Menachem Levinger

    Sales Representative 718.674.1800 ext. 311
  • C.G.

    Charlie Goldberger

    Sales Representative 718.674.1800 ext. 315
  • C.F.

    Chaim Fasten

    Sales Representative
  • Y.B.

    Yechiel Botnick

    Data Analyst
  • J.R.

    Johnny Rosenblum.

    Sales Representative
  • M.K.

    Michael Kerzner

    Head Of Legal Affairs & Eligibility
  • M.A.

    Moshe Arking

    Eligibility Analyst & Legal Compliance
  • C.K.

    Charles Kramer

    Eligibility Analyst & Legal Compliance

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